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Another way to fight Covid & more

I love using this Lysol laundry sanitizer that has 0% bleach and kills Covid, cold, & flu viruses. The one pictured below comes in that size as well as a bigger jug with a handle (similar to the size of a big liquid laundry detergent container) at Fred Meyer. I like the smell that this one pictured comes in which is "Crisp Linen." The "Free & Clear" scent in this same brand has no scent if you don't like scents and/or don't like the "Crisp Linen" scent. They also have the same product called "Sport" which I've never used. I wash all my laundry with this sanitizer. FYI (for those who don't know), you use it in addition to your regular laundry detergent. You put your regular laundry detergent (however you do) then fill up to the first line (this laundry sanitizer) on the lid with the lid and pour into the area in your laundry machine that has the agitator (that swishes your laundry) and then fill again a second time to that

Another obvious way to eliminate getting Covid when traveling

Even before I read this fact in the latest Woman's World Magazine issue (see image below) if I planned on traveling this summer, I would be driving to lessen my chances of getting Covid.  Save money AND lessen your chances of getting Covid? Win-win! 😊

Who knows how to really win at Covid? (Meaning one of the BEST overlooked tips to GREATLY minimize risk).

Having had Covid the ONE and only time & learning how I could've prevented getting it (after knowing how I got it), is by asking those pre-screen questions that were asked at many businesses the first 2 years of Covid. As I mentioned in my welcome video, I modified those pre-screen questions to ask if the person/people you're going to be near are sick of any kind (defined as a cold, flu, Covid-19, & anything else that's NOT listed here that's contagious) AND/OR been around anyone that they (are aware of) that's sick of any kind (as defined here) AND/OR has anything contagious (outside of my definition of sick of any kind) AND/OR been around anyone that's contagious (outside of my definition of sick of any kind) within the last 14 days for all of what's been asked here to consult with me ASAP BEFORE my appointment (even if anything changes after I arrive, consult with me from a safe distance). Why is it important to ensure you ask if they are sick of

Lysol air sanitizer spray

This 14-second video I shot is of the Lysol air sanitizer spray commercial (BELOW):   According to the blue colored (white linen scent) Lysol air sanitizer spray (the one shown in the video above) it's rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars out of 624 reviews in Google. On Amazon, it's rated 4.7 stars out of 5 stars out of 1,338 reviews. (It claims to kill Covid-19 within 13 minutes. This is according to the back of this product [the blue colored-white linen scent] that I read). I discovered in my research that there are 2 other scents for this same product; there's a purple colored one (light breeze scent) that's rated 3.8 out of 5 stars out of 4 ratings on Amazon.  There's also a turquoise colored one (simple fresh scent) which is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars out of 734 reviews. I bought the blue colored one (white linen scent) from Walgreens without doing any research & provided to my chiropractor to use prior to my appointments with him. Has anybody else used any of th

The best seat to sit in on the airplane to avoid germs

According to a "free gift" paper insert with various tips & facts from "First" Women's magazine as well as a 2018 study from Emory University, the window seats are the safest seats from germs.  The window seat makes sense for having less germs so if you're going to have to fly, keep this seat choice as an option. 🙂

Some tips to stay safe at the grocery store

Just some friendly reminders when going to the grocery store to lessen your chances of getting Covid (courtesy of a newspaper insert): I also recommend using a shopping cart (whether it's your own or a store one) to put behind you when waiting in line to keep the distance from other shoppers since many people do NOT follow social distancing. It's a nice way to keep the distance without having to potentially start a confrontation with a stranger. Some people have the nerve to actually touch my cart and move it and I don't say anything, but wipe it down with antibacterial hand wipes; but after enough times I will be upset. I have thought about putting a sign up that says something along the lines of: "Don't touch this cart. Someone is in front of you. Walk around it if you need to get by." 😊 NOTE:   References to "I" & "my" in this post is for Carly Calabrese (the founder & implementer of this Covid awareness & support blog that

Did you know this over-the-counter Covid test expires quite a bit after its expiration date?

  Back when the South Hill Library provided brand-new over-the-counter Covid tests, they had also provided slips of paper that mentioned expiration date extensions (basically that 15-22 months past the expiration date of the tests that they were still good for) and to visit a link for more details. So, I taped the slip of paper on each Covid test box for reference. Note: References to "I" in this post is Carly Calabrese, the founder & implementer of this Covid awareness & support blog that you're at.